british meat: 'the recipe for bse'

"...rat feces; cow urine; cow pus; tranquilizers; ground up cow heads ('puke heads' contaminated with hair, dirt, and ingest); chicken and cow manure (a 'beef fattener' with e-coli contamination) ; 'rendered' cows and sheep (recycled animal parts, diseased 'downers' and road kill added to animal feed); euthanized animals from human societies, etc.; growth steroid hormones (fatteners); radioactive isotopes; antibiotics (disease controllers); pesticides; herbicides; insecticides; larvicides; lethal euthanasia drugs such as sodium penabarbitol; a host of diseases from the cow, including pneumonia, bovine aids and perhaps mad cow chemicals like phosphorous to mask putrefaction; various carcinogenic chemicals, including dioxin (one of most deadly known chemicals, also present in Agent Orange)..."