The  Recipe  For  Prostate  Cancer

In the West, prostate cancer is the second largest killer of men after lung cancer. A international study recently conducted by researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School showed that men who eat the most meat and dairy products run the greatest risk of dying from the disease. Published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (1998), the report confirmed that men who eat plenty of grains and nuts are the least likely to die from prostate cancer.

        The study was based on a survey of cancer deaths in 59 countries. It corroborated the results of earlier investigations into the role of a meat-based diet in cardiovascular disease and cancer.

        A higher intake of cereals, nuts and oil seeds, on the other hand, has a protective effect. Thus the plant-based diets found in many less-advanced societies are the healthiest - as long as people get enough to eat.

         "For prostate cancer and cancers of other sites that are sensitive to serum (blood) hormone levels, animal fat may influence the risk for cancer by raising adult's sex hormone levels", the report notes.

        The third-biggest cancer killer in the United States is colon cancer - another thoroughly nasty disease. Colon cancer, too, has been strongly linked with a diet high in animal fat and low in fruits, vegetables and whole-grain products.

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(21st August 2003)

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